Wiley Morning – Fir Island, Washington

 7:00 on Fir Island, I had never been out to Wiley Slough on the south side of the Island, but I was in for a real treat.  It started out pretty foggy and very cold, it ended clear and still very cold.  The first image is just after the sun came up from behind Cultus Mountain.  There are actually a couple of duck hunters in the lower left side of the photo but way too dark to see them.

The second image is halfway down the trail taken from a small bench. The third image is of some super bright witches butter, it caught my eye with its intense color.  The fourth image  is of the wonderful walking trail the Skagit County Parks Department put in recently.  Its a whole new restoration to the wildlife area, allowing the tide to ebb and flow with out the burdon of the levy.  You cant go much further than what you can see in the distance as the hunters got there way before I did so first come first serve.  But the tide was high and I didn’t have on chest waiters.



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