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Francis Road

francisSunsets never seem to get old and today was no exception.  This was near the skagit river along Francis Road in Mount Vernon.  We just had our baby girl Remy, so these are the first photos I have taken in a while.  See them all under the scenic section of my photos

Larabee and Little Mountain


Today we got out to finally enjoy some of our long awaited weather here is Western Washington.  My wife and I climbed around the rocks at Larabee State Park on Chuckanut drive.  Then Headed up Little Mountain in Mount Vernon for  a picnic Lunch and plenty of dappled light in the woods a great way to avoid the heat.

Skagit Tulips

Here we are once again and the Tulips are back out.  Not too many fields this year.  I got these first ones of some nice red and purples fields next to each other.


I do love Dahlias and this one is a really nice maroon and yellow variety.   We bought it for Thanksgiving.  I just stuck it in the front window and snapped a couple of shots this morning.

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Foggy Skagit Morning

This morning had some really nice fog on the way to work, so I decided to take a detour and snap some shots.  These are taken on the Skagit River in Burlington.

Wiley Morning – Fir Island, Washington

 7:00 on Fir Island, I had never been out to Wiley Slough on the south side of the Island, but I was in for a real treat.  It started out pretty foggy and very cold, it ended clear and still very cold.  The first image is just after the sun came up from behind Cultus Mountain.  There are actually a couple of duck hunters in the lower left side of the photo but way too dark to see them.

The second image is halfway down the trail taken from a small bench. The third image is of some super bright witches butter, it caught my eye with its intense color.  The fourth image  is of the wonderful walking trail the Skagit County Parks Department put in recently.  Its a whole new restoration to the wildlife area, allowing the tide to ebb and flow with out the burdon of the levy.  You cant go much further than what you can see in the distance as the hunters got there way before I did so first come first serve.  But the tide was high and I didn’t have on chest waiters.




I go to Seattle all the time and have always wanted to go up in the Columbia Tower (Thats the really tall one).  I finally did and got this great photo of south Seattle with the Smith Tower in the foreground and the stadiums in the back.

Mt Baker

We had nothing better to do on this fine Saturday in September. Why not head up highway 542 and see how far we can get up the snow.  We made it to the upper parking lot of the ski resort and hiked up to Artist point which still had ten feet of snow.  The image above is a panorama stitched together from nine photos.  The image below is what I first thought to be Picture Lake but later discovered it to be Highwood Lake. Oh well no big deal the lake and Mt Shuksan behind are going nowhere so we will return.   I got to ride my mountain bike down the rest of the highway from here.

Padilla Bay Bike Ride

Every night this week after work my wife and I would race out to Padilla Bay with our bikes and a picnic dinner to catch these amazing sunsets.  Usually we are lucky to get a night or two of ok sunsets, but for the whole week with the awesome colors.  The top image is a couple of heron on pilings neer the beginning of the trail.  The building is right around the corner.  The upper right is another heron with Fidalgo Island behind.  The lower left photo is my favorite of the bunch the colors are unreal.  The center image with the three pilings was just asking to be taken each time I rode by and this was the best moment for it.  The last one in the lower right was taken on the last night when I did not take my regular camera, it was taken with my crappy little cell phone, this is also why you cannot find it in the Photography section of my website.